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McCann & Braham has experience successfully recruiting for the following types of roles:

Financial Control

Qualified accountants play a crucial role in enabling organisations to achieve their financial and strategic goals and they have a large, direct and measurable impact on economic growth.

The intricacies of global business make the skills of experienced, dedicated and ethical finance professionals increasingly sought-after. In addition to professional qualifications, in-demand accountants also now need commercial awareness; understanding of technology from enterprise software to data analysis; collaborative skills; presentation skills; and ethical awareness.

A strong candidate must be able to give clear examples of how they have added value to companies in these areas.   CFOs and HR directors are therefore finding it harder to recruit talented finance professionals with the right mix of skills.

To meet this challenge, you need a recruitment agency that has a thorough understanding of financial control. We have many years’ experience hiring finance professionals around the globe. We work with many of the world’s accountancy professional bodies and some of the world’s largest organisations. Roles we have recruited recently include CFO, Head of Financial Planning & Analysis, Finance Director, Finance Manager, Financial Analyst and Management Accountant.

McCann & Braham’s clients attest that our skills and experience in this area help find the best candidates; and that our detailed, intuitive search approach helps ensure an excellent personal and cultural fit. We provide a professional, friendly and helpful service to employers and to candidates.


Internal Audit & Risk

Internal auditors give business leaders independent assurance that their risk management, governance and internal control processes are operating effectively. Their role is increasingly important in companies, and their skills mix now includes a strong ethical framework; collaboration and partnering skills; strategic and analytical insight; business acumen; and understanding of technology.

Risk managers measure and assess the increasing number of risks in the business environment and plan to mitigate any losses. As the stakes increase, their value to businesses is also growing and necessary skills now include managing complex relationships; commercial and financial acumen; analytics; and strategic insight.

Demand for professionals in both these areas remains very high, particularly at more senior levels. In this challenging recruitment environment, you need a search and select partner with an in-depth understanding of the market and of these roles.

Our clients tell us that we usually find the most qualified candidates in internal audit and risk, thanks to our experience, professionalism, the size of our network and the thoroughness of our approach. We also take time to understand your business, which helps us find the right fit for your company.

In industry, the main emphasis of risk roles is regulatory, financial, operational and compliance. In financial services, we focus on compliance, regulatory, market, operational and credit risk. We have networks and specialist search and selection skills in all these areas.


HR, Commercial, Sales & Marketing 

Most professional roles across HR, Sales and Marketing have had to enhance their skill set in recent years, due to developments in areas such as technology, consumer behaviour, regulation and global competition.

Traditional HR Directors are now being replaced with strategic leaders who are adept at aligning the talent demands with the corporate goals of the organisation.

This leads to significant hiring challenges and the need for a reliable and experienced recruitment partner that takes time to understand the needs of your business. We can help you in all areas of executive  recruitment, including HR, commercial roles, sales and marketing; and we can also work across any country or region.

For example, in recent years we have recruited HR Directors into Madagascar, Congo and the Philippines. They tend to be expatriate fly-in fly-out roles, and candidates are often qualified with bodies such as the UK’s Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. Typically, these senior hires would have a minimum of 15 to 20 years’ international experience managing large teams . They will be people orientated with the right personal traits and management style to suit different situations.

McCann & Braham have significant functional expertise and would be delighted to discuss any specific requirements across HR, Sales & Marketing.


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