Internal Auditor

Working directly for the Global Head of Audit of a multi-billion dollar business we have been asked over the last 5 years to fill a wide number of roles around the world across Audit, Forensic and Risk Management. The process we follow with our client is an initial briefing at Head Office to outline the key requirements from a global perspective and then a further detailed discussion with the Regional Audit Managers around the exact experience required, the type of personality that the team needs as well as any other particular desires.

For example recently we were asked to fill an Internal Audit role in Africa for our client that had a high level of travel, required detailed mining knowledge and an internationally recognised accounting qualification. In addition they wanted the person to be able to develop into the business after two years so they also needed someone with long-term potential and not a career auditor.

Our approach to these exacting requirements was to assist the Regional Audit Manager to develop a recruitment matrix so that we could build up a search profile of candidates by identifying target companies, their likely background and geographical location. Once we had this we set about building a long list of candidates through a series of interviews and finalised a shortlist who were ideal for the role, motivated to join our client and would accept if offered the job. This assignment took 4 weeks to complete and is fairly typical of the great work our Internal Audit specialists do for clients around the world.