Regional Compliance Officers

Our client, a global natural resource and energy business retained us with the responsibility to help them build out a best in class global compliance team as part of a major transformation project.

Specifically focusing on Anti-Corruption, Trade Compliance, Regulation and Sanctions, the Regional Compliance Officers were responsible for defining and rolling out the global compliance program throughout their territories, assets and corporate offices.

Given the vast size of the businesses and scale of operations, this mandate was particularly challenging due to the number of locations in question and the particular skills sets and languages required to succeed.  The search began with an initial client consultation to draw up job descriptions, define strategy and develop the market message. Over the course of  the next 12 months McCann & Braham sourced, interviewed and selected in excess of 100  compliance officers across the US, Canada, Chile, South Africa, DRC, Zambia, Switzerland, Singapore, Australia and the United Kingdom.

The opportunity to work for one of the world’s finest global resources companies often in diverse and challenging environments meant we successfully exceeded our clients expectations in providing a 1st class executive search campaign.